Why Is Evaluation Needed?

Some type of evaluation of the existing ecosystems and their dynamics is necessary for a client who is considering a project. A professional evaluation can:

  • assess existing resources on a site, such as plant species and their diversity, and the existence of remnant prairies and wetlands.
  • discover the presence of Endangered, Threatened, or Special Concern species.
  • detail the impact of human land uses in the past and present, and anticipate future impacts.
  • determine the fit of an anticipated project to a specific site, using proneness to flooding, legal and regulatory requirements, soils, topography, and other site-specific information.
  • use all these sources to plan an achievable project and conduct follow-up evaluations once a project is in place.

More information about plant inventories and stream visual assessment is available by clicking on the underlined phrase. Surveys of several kinds for endangered and threatened species may be indicated. Check back soon for details about stream morphological analysis and other evaluation services.