The rewilding theme is not about what the world looked like back when, although natural history is often very informative. Instead, the emphasis is on the question, "What now? These resources help point the several directions we might take in rethinking the natural world and our place in it.



The resources here are oriented to a theme that has emerged over the last decades from ecology and environment activity. It concerns not so much a past point that we should imitate or restore, although natural history certainly is informative. Instead, the emphasis is on the answers to this question, "What now?" The focus is both broad and narrow, because it is not human-centered, but rather, life-centered at local, global, and every in-between scale.


BeWildReWild & Big River Connectivity: this sparkling new site (as of August 2, 2019) is devoted to discussing different versions of what it is to "be wild" and to "rewild." It incorporates multiple perspectives and media, from the arts to the sciences, to ask basic questions and pose possibilities.

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