Ecosystem restoration includes a broad range of strategies and practices, depending on the type of ecosystem, the size of the restoration area, and, unfortunately, the budget available. These and more are considered in the planning and proposal phases of a project.

The starting point of any restoration project consists of one or more evaluations - of existing plant resources through a botanical inventory (see this page), stream visual or morphological assessment (click here), a wetland delineation (at this page), or other determination. Observation of topography, soil sampling, and other on-site methods help familiarize landowner, project personnel, and others with broad factors that affect the coming effort.

Preparation also can involve research of several kinds:

  • inspection of current and historical aerial imagery
  • use of flood potential maps
  • creation and use of customized soil survey reports
  • mapped wetland areas
  • historical climate and weather patterns
  • topographical and landform (LiDAR) images and maps
  • current and historical land uses

Leeward Solutions offers restoration planning and services in prairie, savannah, wetland, and woodland ecosystems for the Upper Midwest. Use the Contact Leeward page to ask for more details, to arrange a site walkaround, and to schedule an initial consultation.

And come back to this page as more specific information is added for each ecosystem and the methods involved.