The 2016 RACCOON RIVER PHENOLOGY CALENDAR is still available, at $10 plus tax & shipping.

Will your property benefit from an


A good plan might address:

assessment of existing vegetation, stream flow, & uses

enhancement of an existing remnant prairie, wetland, or woodland

restoration of a property to a prior ecosystem

longterm needs for management & monitoring

An effective plan sets priorities, states an ideal order for project phases, &
includes assessment & monitoring steps.

An initial site visit of one hour is free, a $100 value.

(A mileage fee may apply for locations outside central Iowa.)

Leeward Solutions, LLC brings competence in botany, streams, hydrology, soils, and wildlife together with safe equipment and site practices to address your needs.

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The New 2016 Raccoon Watershed Calendar
Channeled Wetland, Bemis Moraine
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