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About Leeward Solutions, LLC

Leeward was formed in 2012 to provide consulting services in ecosystem restoration, regulatory wetlands delineation, and related environmental services. Your project, whether commercial or residential, rural or urban, sets the parameters for our work, and you define the goals.


Based on several years' work in ecology and natural history, Leeward offers:

  • Wetlands Delineation, under the Regulatory IV training practices of the US Army Corps of Engineers. Leeward performs delineations for Clean Water Act and Natural Resource Conservation Service purposes.
  • Species inventories, based on field visits and reports, for private and public spaces, to determine habitat quality, restoration needs, and other planning objectives. Leeward's expertise lies in native and invasive flora of the Upper Midwest and wildlife presence.
  • Water quality & riparian corridor assessment, using the practices of the Iowa Dept. of Natural Resources IOWATER monitoring program & the Stream Visual Assessment Protocol.
  • Air quality policy and regulations for the state of Iowa, including familiarity with federal and state requirements.

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